I am a Proud Software Engineer,
Flutter enthusiast and Free Software activist
based in Bergamo, Italy

About me

I love programming and I work as a Software Engineer developing web based applications and mobile apps. I'm a full stack developer, from the backend where I primarly use Node.js and MySQL on Linux Servers to the frontend where I use modern web technologies and CSS frameworks.

I love to develop mobile app, especially in Android mainly in Java, and in the last year I'm using Flutter, first to experiment and in the last period to develop cross platform enterprise apps.

In my spare time I like to experiment on side projects apps, ui designs, web app to improve my skills and test new ideas.



  • Javascript/Node.js
  • Dart/Flutter
  • Java
  • PHP


  • Modern HTML
  • Responsive Web Design
  • CSS
  • Wireframing & Prototyping


  • Git Version Control
  • Gimp & Inkscape
  • MySQL
  • LaTeX